Q: Where exactly are you located?

A: The store is located at 934 N. 9th St. Stroudsburg PA 18360.  We are directly across the street from the Weis gas station, located right by the library.  N 9th St. is the same street that the Stroudsburg Mall is on.

Q: Do you sell equipment as well?

A: Definitely!  Big Bug Music has a wide selection of new and used instruments including guitars, drums, keyboards and accessories!  We are also fully stocked with any and all school band and orchestra needs such as books, reeds, cleaning supplies, oil, stands and more!  Call us at 570-424-6040 with any specific inventory questions and one of our sales associates will be more than happy to assist you.

Q: Can you give me some more information on how the lessons work?

A: Sure!  Lessons are $25.00 per class, with the classes running for thirty minutes.  Each teacher has control of their own schedule, so give us a call to get contact information.  Students pay the teacher direct for each lesson using cash or check.  Credit cards can not be used to pay for a lesson!

Q:  If the store is called Big Bug Music, why is there a cat on the logo?

A:  The cat you see in the logo was named Bug!  She was named after her eyes which were "big bug eyes" hence the name, Big Bug Music.

Store Hours:

 Give us a call at 570-424-6040 with any additional questions!

934 N. 9th St. Stroudsburg PA  (570) 424 - 6040

 Q: What instruments do you repair?

 A: We are able to do most guitar work right here in the store, as well as repairs for all band instruments, and most electronics and amps.  Typically band instruments will be repaired within a week, where amps and electronics can take up to two or three weeks, depending on the issue or if parts need to be ordered.  We can provide an estimate for any repair before the work is done.

M - F 12 to 8 / Sat 10 - 6 / Sun Closed

Q:  Do you buy used equipment?

A: This is normally a case by case situation depending on what you're selling.  Feel free to give us a call at 570-424-6040 and speak with one of our sales associates for more information.